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Hi girls, I’m so excited to share this one-of-a-kind project with you! It’s unique, and there’s nothing else like it out there. How do I know this? I know this, because it’s the culmination of my own personal experiences.


You’ve come this far, why not delve a bit further? It takes brutal honesty and self-acceptance to achieve true personal growth. First step, ask yourself these questions.


When you look in the mirror, what do you see? Are you critical of the reflection staring back at you?


Are you your biggest fan, or your worst critic? Does self-doubt hold you back?


Have you ever felt second best?


Do you envy other people, even those closest to you, including your sister and best friends? Perhaps you compare yourself to other females, or celebrities, wishing that your blond hair was brown, or your brown hair was blond.


Do you use food and diet techniques to manipulate your body into something different? Have you experienced ‘food guilt’?


Growing up in today’s society is not easy. No doubt you answered “yes” to at least one of those questions. I certainly did when I was your age (I still do.) Being a young girl can be hard, especially when you are being hard on yourself!


The Girl Campaign is about just that. I designed this program for young girls and teens. I want to teach you about self-love, to help you better appreciate the beautiful girl who is staring back at you from the mirror.


We are going to spend the day together, lounging on pillows, in a beautiful tented paradise. The Girl Campaign brings young girls together in a safe environment to explore issues related to self-esteem and body image.


We will look at your current level of self-esteem and find ways to boost positive thoughts and feelings, and to generate self-love and acceptance.


The Girl Campaign is a modern, fun, and completely relatable lesson in self-love for all females. And my personal goal is to send you home feeling loved, nurtured and beautiful. The Girl Campaign teaches you to celebrate taking care of, and loving, the most important person in your life …. YOU!!!

Why not chat to your teacher and get TGC booked in to come to your school?






Kimberli’s mission:


The Girl Campaign grew from a conversation with my sister, while sitting on a beach in Bali. My sister’s friend had written books for young women related to self-image and positive thinking. It struck a chord with me, a high-school teacher who is passionate about health and fitness. After all, I struggle with the same issues that a lot of females do. I regularly compare myself to others, would change parts of my body given the chance, am too hard on myself, worry about things I can’t control, and at times take social media too seriously. My sister and I started chatting, and one idea led to another. How amazing if I could create a program that inspired young women to realise their worth? The Girl Campaign had been born.


Negative feelings impact on our behaviours and our lives. I want to give young girls the skills needed, to live life with confidence, so that they can focus on their many positive attributes.  Likewise, when negative thoughts do find us, we need to be able to recognise this as ‘self-destructive’ and find ways to boost our mood.


You don’t have to look far to find statistics and trends that show the impact of today’s media young girls and I hear and see females of all ages, every single day, being their worst critic. This is a major concern that needs to be addressed and The Girl Campaign is designed to do exactly that!


I’m on a mission to teach girls to love themselves, and to feel happy and healthy.

Kimberli's Experience:

  •  Bachelor of Education Physical Education, Health and Personal Development minoring in Inclusive Education.

  • Graduate Certificate in Careers Development

  • Certificate IV in Leadership and Management

  • Body Esteem Educator- The Butterfly Foundation

  • Member of Youth Mental Health Panel in 2017

  • Youth Mental Health First Aid Certificate

  • Proud Body Image Movement Global Ambassador

Watch our video to see what happens at TGC.

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