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Elsie loves TGC as she has met new friends and explored ways to appreciate how she is special and different. Her favourite quality about herself is her hair and how she loves helping others.



Annabelle say TGC helps girls learn about themselves, the need to have a healthy body image and self esteem and reminds us about how we treat others can affect them. Annabelle likes that she is caring and dedicated to her friends and family.


TGC helps you meet new people and learn new ways to feel good about who you are. TGC message will help me throughout life. Abby loves that she is a kind and caring person.


'I love how TGC can change the perspective of how girls see both themselves and others. People are not taught to love and accept themselves but with TGC it educates girls to practice. Amelia favourite quality about herself is that she is compassionate.

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