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Today I had to explain through a picture what my idea of a healthy food relationship looks like.

Wow! My eating habits are pretty good but my thinking about food habits are NOT!!!! Day 15 of the Girlspo 30 day challenge is A healthy relationship. The brand ambassadors were asked to post a photo that explains what a healthy relationship with food looks like. This represents my food pyramid. I have a good understanding about nutrition, I generally eat healthy foods from the various food groups (I eat eggs, meat etc but didn't want it sitting out on my bench!) and I do treat myself on occasion (note the freckles up the top 🍫) So, I seem pretty healthy right? I'd like to think so but I still definitely can be unhealthy when it comes to the food/mind relationship. I often feel guilty for eating a 'bad' food, binge eat, can fear some foods and have associated food with feelings for example if I eat a 'bad food' then it makes me feel bad and sometimes feel like I'm a bad person. Today the Girlspo guide addressed many different strategies that I will be definitely be taking on board to help build healthier thinking food habits!


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