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Today is all about removing your mental filter. I was required to post a #nofilter selfie, and comment about what I'm going to focus on more that my mental filter was blocking out.

DAY THREE of the Girlspo 30 day challenge is posting a non-filtered selfie. This was HARD! I am not a selfie fan at all and without a selfie stick the phone was way too dam close to my face. After taking a few snaps I then became critical of my features and found myself wanting to take more improved selfies or to edit the existing ones. Is black and white a filter??? But this is me- as me! Flaws and all!!! Today's challenge is about removing our mental filters. What we focus on in our lives can have the ability to control our lives. For example I think my mental filters are regularly comparing myself to others despite knowing the damage this can do. Feeling envious and jealous is wasted emotion! Not to mention the constant daily battle with myself to look, act or perform a certain way. Becoming a mum has also added to this. Another one of my mental filters is worrying too much about what others think of me. So time to realise that the more I compare myself to others and worry about what they are thinking, the more consuming it becomes. I will be focusing on things that are going to add value to my life and not drain it!!!


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