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The Girlspo brand ambassadors were asked to write PERFECT on their hand with a line drawn though it and then post a selfie. These are my thoughts on perfect.

Day 12 of the Girlspo 30 day challenge is 'I just wanna be perfect!' Don't we all at some stage or in some areas of our lives??? I think we would be lying if we said no. What is perfect though? Perfect is something that doesn't exist. (Well not for long or in all aspects of someone's life anyway!) Perfect is a perception that is often art not reality. (Photoshopping, social media etc...) Perfect means different things to different people. For example I may think that someone has the perfect body where as my friend may disagree and believe that someone entirely different has the perfect body. Does someone that we think is perfect think that they are perfect? I bet not!!! Striving for perfection places unrealistic and unfair expectations on ourselves and can have a negative impact on our health. High levels of perfectionism have been associated with a range of mental health issues such as anxiety, depression and eating disorders. Have I wanted to be perfect or aimed for perfection- yep of course (particularly in Crossfit and work) but I believe that while trying for this other areas of my life such as my home life or social life have become far from perfect as my focus is elsewhere. Be you, be unique and be perfectly imperfect! Loving this 30day challenge- many positive changes happening along the way!

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