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Day Two required the brand ambassadors to take a picture of the guide with their favourite mindful food, and what food they are choosing to eat mindfully today.

Day 2 of the Girlspo 30 day challenge is about mindful eating. Today's content and activities really struck a cord with me. I have always been an active person and I LOVE my sport. I try to eat "clean" most of the time and think of food as a fuel for my body. However, if I'm being honest I think I often eat on autopilot and at times don't eat mindfully. And if Im being really honest I often associate food with body weight. For example not wanting to eat something as Im afraid I will get fat. Or sometimes if I binge eat then I call myself a bad person, when eating something not so healthy for us doesn't make us bad at all. I have tried numerous diets and eating plans when mindful eating is all that is needed. I believe that food is one of life's pleasures and if we can connect all of our senses when we eat, we concentrate on what we are putting in our mouths and can enjoy every mouthful!!! 🍌🍇🍍🍉


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