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What's a healthy habit you are proud of?

Day 18 of the Girlspo challenge asks the question What's a healthy habit you are proud of? Mine would definitely be Exercise. I can honestly say I just love it.

I have always been sporty. I like running, swimming, rowing, hockey and touch footy. But I discovered Crossfit a few years ago and really became addicted. It's not that I'm amazing at sport or exercise but I try my best, aren't afraid of a challenging workout and love the endorphins that it gives me. (and I'm just slightly competitive🙊)

Exercise is my stress buster, mood booster and gives me many other physical, social and psychological benefits. I feel yuck when I don't exercise. I have always had broad shoulders and can get muscly quickly so I figure I may as well work with what I've got. I exercised through both my pregnancies (safely) and went back as soon as I had the all clear! When I'm cranky my husband tells me to go for a run! 💗

What's your healthy habits???


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