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What's holding you back????? What is your biggest fear? In lipstick on a mirror, write down your biggest fear and give three ways you overcome this fear.

Day 27 is What's holding you back? I was asked to write my biggest fear in lipstick on a mirror. I ummed and arred about what to write. I realised that I am afraid of many things. The first thing that came to mind was Magpies in spring but I figured I should be a little more serious. 🐧

Not being in control scares me. I know this makes me seem like a control freak and makes me sound like I'm not in the least bit resilient and in a way I guess these things are true. I'm definitely not an assertive or bossy person (my husband may disagree🙊) but not having control of things makes me feel uneasy. I'm a planner, a worrier and feel stressed/panicked when I can't map the outcome of something. So I'm not sounding like a YOLO kinda girl am I?

Ways that I try to overcome my fear are to to accept and understand that nobody can control the outcome to every situation, often putting myself in situations that are out of my control while taking note of my feelings and taking time out to relax. 🌸

What are your fears and how can you minimise them???

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