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Get going every morning- Post something that motivates you!

Day 28 of the Girlspo guide is Get going every morning. Today's pages cover motivation. Lots of things motivate me. These range from my friends, my family, the end positive result, to avoid negative outcomes and sporting stars like Kara Webb. However, my overall biggest motivator would have to be my 2 boys. They literally get me up in the morning (and I'm NOT motivated by this at 4.30am!!!!)

Some warning- I'm about to get soppy on you. Before you become a mum people try to tell you lots of things and because you haven't been there and done it-you just don't get it! (And there is nothing wrong with that) But being a mum is THE hardest but most rewarding job ever. The moment you hold your baby in your arms all the pain from labour is gone. Your heart has never felt a love like this and won't again until your next baby. A mum would do anything for her children to ensure they are safe, healthy and happy. And when this isn't the case your heart feels like it is literally broken.

My boys motivate me to be a better mum, to persist, to do the best I can at my job, to exercise (and yes this is to stay fit and healthy but also to have some ME time!) and to be a positive role model for them. I think about my 2 little motivators numerous times every single day whether I'm with or without them and hope that one day I may be motivation for them 💙

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