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Lots happening at TGC...

Our amazing sponsor RAW State by Emily Belle came up with the awesome idea to make a limited edition The Girl Campaign candle. These little beauties are pretty and pink. They are marshmallow scented and have inspiring quotes on them. They are selling fast and we have less than 10 get in quick if you wish to purchase one.

We have also teamed up with the talented Lindsay (Milc Design and Church St Studio.) Linds has designed some prints with many of our favourite quotes.

TGC ran a holiday program in conjunction with Muddy Puddles a couple of weeks ago. The beautiful participants were aged 9-12 years. I had such a fun day with these amazing girls and was so pleased to get some great feedback on the program. This is what one of the girl's mums has to say. "She had a fantastic time! It has made her so much stronger and also more comfortable to deal with some of the issues she is having with

one of her problem peers at school. Thank you so much for

empowering her with positive reinforcement."

We are excited for many upcoming workshops. This includes a 13th

birthday party, year 5 and 6 two hour workshops and a workshop at a local

high school with Indigenous girls.

If you are interested in booking TGC please contact us via the website.

Much love and remember to be kind to yourself and others xxx

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