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Over the past 4 weeks I have got to know 15 beautiful girls aged 8-12 years. I know their mothers probably insisted that they attend but I know after week 1 they wanted to return!

We have shared secrets, memories, tears and laughter. We participated in plenty of practical activities and ate delicious (and mostly healthy) afternoon teas together. There have also been some beautiful friendships formed. These girls have been equipped with the education to practice ongoing self-care.

It was the first time The Girl Campaign presented Self Lovin and definitely won't be the last.

Hands in if you love Self Lovin!!!!!!

A jar full of compliments

Braids and Twists

During the 4 weeks we covered

-What The Girl Campaign is all about

-Friendly Friendships

-Self-esteem and Body Image

-Giving and receiving compliments

-Healthy eating

-The importance of exercise

-Basic skin care

-Photoshop and the media


-Hair tutorials

-A professional photo shoot

"My daughter is participating in The Girl Campaign's Self Lovin every Thursday and I love seeing her this happy. She loves this program! I would highly recommend it. Thanks Kimberli for running a program that helps our girls build confidence and friendships." - Jess Vickers

Stayed tuned for the next Self Lovin program happening early 2017.

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