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Today I was required to share one of the positive things I found.

Day 4 of the Girlspo 30 day challenge is 'Think Well.' Today was about getting into the habit of finding the positives every day! It's really easy to get into the pattern of negative thinking. By identifying the following positives to my day I actually feel grateful for these things which I otherwise may take for granted.

💗Waking up in my own bed after a huge week last week of rowing a surf boat marathon and staying away from home for a few nights.

💗 A quick run around the neighbourhood.

💗Using a new yummy coconut scrub in the shower (I used about half of it!)

💗Spent time with my 3 beautiful boys. My husband is on holidays too and the 4 of us had a lovely day together at the beach, park and pool.

💗Getting a delicious smoothie from a local paleo cafe. A friend works there and she loads it up with goodies.

💗Running into a parent of one of the participants of The Girl Campaign. She was telling me how her daughter is still talking about things we did and she has one of the feel-good activities on her bedroom wall.

💗Having a little nap this afternoon on the lounge with my littlest.

💗Talking to a long-time friend on the phone.

💗Eating a sneaky square of chocolate this afternoon... O.K 2 squares!

💗Having a long, relaxing bath.

This is definitely not a typical day for me as I'm on holidays but I'm keen to continue practicing positive thinking and feeling grateful. The real test will be on Sunday's as I normally spend the afternoon feeling depressed thinking about the week ahead!


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