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A week of concentrating on Kindness

Monday's Mantra was to Be Kind! Last week I concentrated on an act of Kindness everyday. PS- I’d like to think I do this anyway Monday- I bought a stranger a coffee at a local cafe. They were a little confused as to why I was doing this but I explained I was paying kindness forward. Tuesday-Sprinkle kindness everywhere!!! Just don’t sprinkle actual confetti. Today for my act of kindness I took a plastic bag and gloves on my morning walk with Pumba (my

puppy) and picked up rubbish along the way. Kindness to the environment Wednesday- I handed out 15 of TGC Be Kind cards with compliments written on the back. I left a couple of car windscreens , gave some to some gym buddies, work colleagues and friends. Thursday- Today I cleaned out my cupboards and gave my unwanted clothes to the local refuge. I also paid for a coffee for a friend and called her to let her know she can pick it up on her way to work. Friday- I encouraged people to participate in Friday Flowers and give a virtual bunch to someone who is in need it deserving. I bought ice creams for my work colleagues and put them in the freezing at lunch time . Saturday-Today for my acts of kindness I felt like a kindness fairy trying my best to sprinkle kindness everywhere. I smiled at strangers, let someone in front of me at the check out when doing the groceries, bought raffle tickets to support a local charity, gave sincere compliments out to people I know and people I don’t know and made a phone call to a special friend. Sunday-Yep, my week of concentrating on kindness finished with self-kindness! Today, I caught up with one of my besties, walking the dog in the rain, enjoyed family time, watched Netflix, had an afternoon sleep and a lovely bath and meditation before bed.

I like to think that I'm a kind person anyway but, this last week has really made me think how one act of kindness can really change someone's day. Some acts of kindness were random, some planned, some free, some costing money, some small, some large, some materialistic and some not. I had people do acts of kindenss back to me, people say thank you, people show emotion through smiles or tears. I felt dam good making others feel good. Kindness can change the world. You wont regret being kind!!!!

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