Last weekend I saw something extra-ordinary- a photo shoot for a bikini label. No, I wasn't asked to model (I wish!)) I was just a friend helping out. On a beautiful beach a couple just north of home the weather was very hot. Stripping down to a bikini when there is a swimwear and underwear model in a close vicinity isn't great for the old self esteem let me tell you. Well, so I thought, at first, anyway.... Read on! This model was stunning! Her body was pretty much flawless to the eye. I was actually comforted to notice a tiny pimple in her chest and a few little stretch marks on her bum. But her features were beautiful and she had the perfect look to be a swimsuit model. She credited her g


SUMMARY POST- How have I changed in the last 30 days? Today I had to give a summary of my experience with the Girlspo+ Guide. Check out my Flickagram on The Girl Campaiagn Instagram page!!!! Day 30 of the Girlspo challenge! Wow! Firstly thank you @girlspo for inviting me to be a brand ambassador. I know my following isn't amazing but I believe the Girlspo and The Girl Campaign have a lot in common. I have loved every day of this challenge. (Maybe not the selfies but everything else haha.) I have found my Girlspo guide journey fun, challenging, rewarding and truly worthwhile. I feel like a happier and more confident person and believe that what I have learnt will help the participants of The


FIND MY HAPPY!!!! Today I was required to post a happy photo and list a few things that make me happy. What makes you happy??? Day 29 of the Girlspo guide is Find My Happy! Today is all about discovering and crediting the things that make us happy. Being happy can at times be difficult. Barriers such as feeling guilty and not being kind to ourselves can get in the way of our happiness. Things that make me happy are 💗My family and friends. 💗Exercise. 💗Helping others. 💗Swimming at the beach. Let yourself be happy! Try something you have always wanted to do, be kinder to yourself, have fun and break down the barriers stopping you from being happy. You deserve happiness! 😊 What make


Get going every morning- Post something that motivates you! Day 28 of the Girlspo guide is Get going every morning. Today's pages cover motivation. Lots of things motivate me. These range from my friends, my family, the end positive result, to avoid negative outcomes and sporting stars like Kara Webb. However, my overall biggest motivator would have to be my 2 boys. They literally get me up in the morning (and I'm NOT motivated by this at 4.30am!!!!) Some warning- I'm about to get soppy on you. Before you become a mum people try to tell you lots of things and because you haven't been there and done it-you just don't get it! (And there is nothing wrong with that) But being a mum is THE hard


What's holding you back????? What is your biggest fear? In lipstick on a mirror, write down your biggest fear and give three ways you overcome this fear. Day 27 is What's holding you back? I was asked to write my biggest fear in lipstick on a mirror. I ummed and arred about what to write. I realised that I am afraid of many things. The first thing that came to mind was Magpies in spring but I figured I should be a little more serious. 🐧 Not being in control scares me. I know this makes me seem like a control freak and makes me sound like I'm not in the least bit resilient and in a way I guess these things are true. I'm definitely not an assertive or bossy person (my husband may disagree🙊)


My Identity-Today I had to pick three words from the Girlspo guide that best described me. Day 26 of the Girlspo guide asked the Brand ambassadors to circle 3 words on page 125 of the guide that represent us. I circled 💗Caring- I am an emotional person who tries to treat others how I like to be treated. I worry a lot and try to put myself in others situations. 💗Fit- I exercise everyday and feel that I have a good overall fitness. 💗Dependable- I hope that my family and friends know that they can depend on me. I'd like to think that I'm there when someone needs me. Check out this fantastic book! Day 26 already- I don't want it to end.


Finding my values! What do you value. When I started thinking about this, i actually value a lot in my life. Made me realise just how often we can take things for granted. Today I had to post what I value in life. Day 25 of the Girlspo guide is Finding My Values! I value honesty, being kind to each other, my possessions (house, car etc), my job, The Girl Campaign- but mostly I value my family and friends.You know who you are! Check out my Flipagram on The Girl Campaign Instagram page. 💗💗💗


The mind-body connection! Today I needed to state a physical challenge that I would participate in during the next week that would also challenge me mentally! Day 24 of the Girlspo challenge is The mind/body connection. I don't know how many times I have heard someone say "your body will give in before your mind does" and it is so true. Our bodies can withstand a lot but as soon as we start to self doubt then suddenly our bodies give in. Our bodies and minds are strongly connected. A healthy mind can equal a healthy body. Today was all about understanding the connection between the two and using this understanding to avoid making poor choices. Each week I do a 5km run. I run the same route a


Happy Mind Movies!!!!!! Today I had to post a pic of my happy place. Awwww smiling just looking at this picture and daydreaming about being on holidays!!!!!! Day 23 of the Girlspo guide is Happy Mind Movies. This is a pic of my happy place. This was taken in Bali. Bali isn't necessaily my happy place but my happy place is on holiday away somewhere. (Tropical, beautiful beaches and amazing food required!) I find that I am able to relax when away from everyday life. And for someone that likes routine I enjoy not having one while away!!! We are heading to Fiji in September and I can't wait! 🌸🍉⛱ Where is your happy place???


Creating a vision- Today I had to post a pic that represents what I want to achieve in then future. I have many visions or dreams but this one is most relivant and important to me at the moment. Day 22 of the Girlspo guide is Creating a vision. The Girlspo brand ambassadors were asked to post a pic that best represents what we want to achieve in the future. My pictures represents my main vision for The Girl Campaign 💗Making females understand and appreciate their beauty both inside and out. 💗Keeping some innocence from their youth. 💗Being strong and independent. 💗Giving them tools to promote self acceptance. I am so passionate about this and believe lifelong lessons in self love are nee

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