WOW.....Last night I cried, laughed, had my heart strings pulled, my gut wrenched, nodded my head in agreement and shook it in disbelief. So many emotions were experienced watching Embrace the documentary by Taryn Brumfitt. Such an inspiring film that really hit home to everyBODY watching. I have always considered myself to be a fit, active and relatively happy and healthy woman. Being the founder of The Girl Campaign I obviously understand the importance of and am passionate about body image and self-esteem issues. I believe that more education is needed in providing young girls the tools to assist them in their journey towards self-love. However, sitting in the cinema last night I realise

Meeting Stella

Last week TGC ran a program for 13 beautiful Indigenous participants. Because of this program being slightly different to any we had done before we wanted the girls to have a guest speaker who is relatable for them. This special someone had to be able to discuss important issues such a culture and identify with the participants.Let's just say- Stella was the right choice! Stella was captivating, honest, inspiring and real. Take a squiz at some of the questions that Stella answered for the girls. Can you tell us all a little bit about yourself? This can include your childhood, teenage years and your career to date? I am 21 years old and am a Worimi descendant from the Port Stephens/Myall Lake

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