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WOW.....Last night I cried, laughed, had my heart strings pulled, my gut wrenched, nodded my head in agreement and shook it in disbelief. So many emotions were experienced watching Embrace the documentary by Taryn Brumfitt. Such an inspiring film that really hit home to everyBODY watching.

I have always considered myself to be a fit, active and relatively happy and healthy woman. Being the founder of The Girl Campaign I obviously understand the importance of and am passionate about body image and self-esteem issues. I believe that more education is needed in providing young girls the tools to assist them in their journey towards self-love.

However, sitting in the cinema last night I realised the hell that I have put myself through. The exercise regimes, the diets, the self-loathing, the comparisons, the self-doubt, the pressure to look good during pregnancy and post baby, the tantrums finding clothes to wear that make me feel good, the insults that I would never say to anyone else but myself. All these things are normal part of being female right???

Watching a lady with a physical disability, a new mother, a transgender, a lady with PSOS, a woman with an eating disorder, an athlete with serve burns and many more beautiful women admit the hell they too have put themselves through made tears run down my face. I personally thought they were all beautiful. So WHY do we do this to ourselves???

Embracing our flaws and the characteristics that make us unique is what makes us beautiful. Why are we fighting this losing battle? Let’s jump on board the embrace train with the Body Image Movement and celebrate the positives. We all have them. If that inner critic returns lets fight her away again. Defend yourself. Treat yourself well. Let’s be kind to each other, minimise judgement and realise that beauty is being comfortable in your own skin.

Have you?

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