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What do you do to deal with an emotional whirlwind??? This is the picture that I posted that best represents what I do.

Day 10 of the Girlspo 30 day challenge is Dealing with emotional whirlwinds part 2. Today the brand ambassadors were asked to post a picture that represents how we may deal with an emotional whirlwind. And here you have mine 🙊 Until last year I never would of said I was an emotional eater. We went through some medical issues with my eldest son and the way I coped with the emotion and stress was to skip proper nutritious meals and to have Diet Coke and sugary treats like chocolate or lollies on a regular basis. This isn't happening regularly now but I often find that I think I'm craving a Diet Coke and sugary treats when I'm tired. My other coping mechanism is a healthier one- Exercise! When I'm tired, stressed, angry, happy or sad I often use exercise as a means of boosting my mood.


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