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#throwback- today I had to post a photo of me 5 years ago. I had to write what I have learnt and how can I compare myself to the progress that I have made since then.

Day 17 of the Girlspo 30 day challenge is She's far prettier than me. We all compare to others don't we??? I do even when I don't mean to. In the street, at the gym, on social media. But comparisons can be unhealthy to make. They can make us feel unsatisfied with what we have. We need to focus on ourselves, celebrate others achievements and remember that everyone has their own insecurities!!! "Only compare yourself to the person you were yesterday." Today's task was to say what has been learnt since this pic was taken! It was 5 years ago! I have learnt so much (and am still learning!) 💗 I have learnt the love that a mother has for her children. 💗 How it feels to sacrifice so much to little humans that depend on me. 💗 That I'm not irreplaceable at work (even though I'd like to be.) 💗 Who my true friends are. 💗 How strong I am. 💗 And yep I'm still learning to worry less, not compare and say no!


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