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The mind-body connection! Today I needed to state a physical challenge that I would participate in during the next week that would also challenge me mentally!

Day 24 of the Girlspo challenge is The mind/body connection. I don't know how many times I have heard someone say "your body will give in before your mind does" and it is so true.

Our bodies can withstand a lot but as soon as we start to self doubt then suddenly our bodies give in. Our bodies and minds are strongly connected. A healthy mind can equal a healthy body. Today was all about understanding the connection between the two and using this understanding to avoid making poor choices.

Each week I do a 5km run. I run the same route around the block. It consists of about 3 or more kms of incline running and takes me about 27 minutes. Each week I do this run as I enjoy it, I feel better when I'm finished and it is a physical challenge. This weekend when I do this run I'm setting myself the physical/mental challenge to beat my best time by at least 1 minute. Hopefully this will not only push me physically but also use my mental strength to prove that I can do it. I'll keep you posted. Set yourself a physical challenge that also tests your mental strength! x 💪

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